Incredibly busy

I do the bulk of my blogging at work and since I’m incredibly busy, I’m falling behind on posting about many issues. I’m also not keeping up on reading other blogs in the interim. A few blogs I recommend keeping up on:

  • Furious Seasons and CLPsych: both are writing about the whole Paxil/Seroxat deal that’s developing
  • CorePsych: Some great podcasts and updates on ADD.
  • Graham’s Blog: Keeping up on withdrawal effects from medications, especially Effexor.

I’ve also been busy at night so if I don’t reply right away to an e-mail, I’m ignoring it. I don’t have access to personal e-mail at work (I think I’ve said this before) and as a result, can’t respond until late at night (depending on how busy my night is).

My busy season runs on the accounting season schedule: January through May. Not too many multiple updates (except perhaps on some weekends) until after that.


P.S. But I’ve got some awesome pictures on the Abilify phone booth that I have to share this week. And ooh, boy, do I have some things to rip on Joel Osteen about, i.e. "Choosing To Be Happy."

1 Comment

  1. truthman said,

    June 20, 2007 at 1:45 am

    Absolutely unreal…
    Seroxat has harmed , killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people…
    It is the mental health thalidomide…

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