Little or no updates today

This weekend was busy and today will be busy as well. No real updates today except for a scheduled post. There’s always a possibility if things slow down around here.

Also — I’m a little slow at responding to e-mails as well. I don’t have access to personal e-mail at work so I’ll be answering e-mails tonight. I apologize for the delay.

~ M

One thought on “Little or no updates today

  1. Tut tut…
    Thought I had been abandoned. Mind you, that’s assuming you were going to email me.
    Hope all is well. Don’t recall getting any updates from you last few days, do you save them up or just as and when?
    Anna was pleased you took time to reply to her comment on suicide. It’s obviously very much part of her life, or past… but she is so easy and chilled. Always up for a debate…
    Anywho, I have n=othing really interesting to say so will go and get on wrapping up all my ebay orders…
    haev you checked out my Shop?
    Check it out when you have nothing better to do… It’s my job and allows me to work from home and manage my life how i want to manage it. It’s all good.
    See ya

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