3 thoughts on “Depression Checklist

  1. Note that several of the “symptoms” in Lilly’s handout are not actually symptoms of depression. Vague aches and pains, dizziness, etc. — not symptoms of depression. Of course, Lilly markets Cymbalta in their Depression Hurts campaign as a drug that makes your physical pain vanish if you also have depression. The evidence for Cymalta treating pain in depression is incredibly weak, however. Just another trick from our pals at Lilly.

  2. I recently got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am scared out of my wits from the medicines to how everyone treats me now they either ignore me all together or push my buttons like they don,t believe or dont want to my husband has always called me the hub i never liked it because i have felt like undone for a long time i go from happy intergetic to pissed off enough that i throw things then cry and hide from everyone let my house go my higeine got i have every symptom on the list and have noone to really talk to cause my family avoids me mostly now, its very unsettling like right it is 2 am. and i cant sleep, maybe you could email me some reasurance , i really feel lonely and its not like me to put my business out there but i cant stand this any longer and yes i have a great docter.

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