Keep an eye out for schizo/psychosis drug bifeprunox

Someone get this on Furious Seasons’ radar:

Wyeth is also in development for an atypical antipsychotic, bifeprunox, for schizophrenia. Bifeprunox has no trade name yet.

“Bifeprunox, a dopamine partial agonist, is an investigational atypical antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia. Clinical data were presented from safety and efficacy studies that evaluated bifeprunox for the treatment of schizophrenia in both acutely psychotic patients and patients who have stabilized disease.

While bifeprunox has been shown to have a smaller mean effect in acute psychosis when compared with older atypical antipsychotics that have some well-known side effects, it may be particularly well-suited for patients who are experiencing side effects with their current therapy. The safety data for bifeprunox have consistently shown a favorable weight and metabolic profile in both short- and long-term studies, which is a common and serious side effect that can cause patients to stop taking their medication.”

A few questions on Wyeth’s schizo drug:

  • How long before this is marketed to bipolar I’s with psychosis?
  • Older atypical antipsychotics or older typical antipsychotics?
  • I’d like to see the data on weight and metabolic profiles on this. Most APs don’t have a good track record with weight, i.e. Seroquel, Abilify, Zyprexa.

Bifeprunox will developing over the coming months and years. I’ll probably check out in the future to check on updates.

4 thoughts on “Keep an eye out for schizo/psychosis drug bifeprunox

  1. My guess? I think that when bifeprunox is approved, it’ll be prescribed off-label for bipolar quickly. If the data indicate that the weight gain issue is significantly less than the other atypicals, then it may make quite a mark for bipolar. However, it is kind of late to the bipolar party. By the time bifeprunox hits shelves, the bipolar market may already have been conquered. Of course, if they play their cards right, there may be some bipolar II people who will be described as having an “unmet need” for treatment who may be ripe for the picking!

  2. What worries me is the language in which these investigations are couched. It is totally removed from the usual Engish we’d use to communicate with a human client or patient.. a person with needs for warmth and love and belonging. Something is ‘askew’ with jargon understandable only to the elite psychiatric profession. I find the language itself alienating.

  3. Marissa, I just saw this post. It’s been on “my radar” for 2 solid years. In the quest to find a better treatment for my daughter than Zyprexa. Last night I decided to look at my notes and see what I was thinking 2 years ago; thus my new post re: this med coming down the pipeline.

  4. world is desparately needing the discovery of new anti psy. med. which won’t have the side effect of severe weight gain. its so sad that on the top of their terrible effect of the illness the young population also gaining so severe weight. hope BIFEPRUNOX (SOLVAY n WYETH) can bring some hope. please let us know when wud this drug be approved in UK?

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