Docs don't prescribe enough antid's

MSNBC antidepressants

What? Doctors don’t prescribe enough drugs? You have GOT to be kidding me. [I didn’t watch the report (work blocks access to this kind of stuff), but it’s probably way off regardless.] On a semi-rant, though, if 22 million Americans are suffering from clinical depression at any given day, do all 22 million REALLY need to be on antid’s? Seriously. It’s like pharma companies are in the poor house and need this NBC report to boost sales. (Ugh, who paid Today for this “free” ad spot?) (article source: Uncomfortably Numb)

3 thoughts on “Docs don't prescribe enough antid's

  1. I’m very suspicious about something like this and would guess that your sarcastic counterargument is actually quite close to the truth. Everything is a disorder now, and each new “disorder” has a wonderful new drug you can take to fix it.

  2. Wow. I am certain that there are many people with depression who are not receiving adequate treatment. But what seems to be rarely mentioned are the untold numbers of people who are receiving treatment without any significant clinical need for treatment. In other words, what about the people without clinically significant anxiety or depression who receive unneeded meds? You can bet than the networks won’t be all over that story!

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