Women in the Sciences

Not directly related to mental illness but a good article by the NYT on women in the sciences and why they are sorely lacking:

"Yet studies show that women in science still routinely receive less research support than their male colleagues, and they have not reached the top academic ranks in numbers anything like their growing presence would suggest."

And something that can’t help but remind me of my former employer:

"’Women in science are in a double bind,’ Dr. [Madeline] Heilman, [psychologist at New York University], said. ‘When not clearly successful, they are presumed to be incompetent. When they are successful, they are not liked.’"

It makes me wonder why the mental health industry is so effed. Is it because we don’t have women (who are more emotional and sensitive creatures) in biochem, biophysics, and neuro? The withering feminist in me can’t help but wonder.

Either way, women just can’t win.

ADDENDUM: Okay, I waited too long to post this and now, it’s apparently only available through TimesSelect. Bummer. Regardless, it was a good article. One of these days, I’ll anonymously type up the article, disseminate it all over the Internet and THEN link to it.

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