Suicide From a Christian Point of View

I was excited to stumble upon a Christian blog that dealt with the topic of suicide. However, despite the fact that I think the author makes many good points, her ending left me a little more than sour: "Deciding to commit suicide whether because of financial, emotional, spiritual, or physical circumstances is a sin that separates one from God for eternity (1 John 5:17)."

I John 5:17 (NASB) says, "All unrighteousness is sin, and there is a sin not leading to death."  The sin that leads not unto death is pardoned sin, sin that a Christian has asked forgiveness for.

The author of this blog makes the statement of saying that a person who commits suicide spends eternity apart from God. A person who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and commits suicide does not spend eternity apart from God because even though the sin is committed in death, Jesus’s atonement on the cross pardons that sin. (I John 1:7-9) If the author is making a statement that a born-again Christian who commits suicide is plunged into eternal condemnation, the author is in grave error.

3 thoughts on “Suicide From a Christian Point of View

  1. Suicide is so much more complex than just being a “choice”. Yet, many Christians boil it down to just that when talking about the consequences of suicide for the believer. God gives grace abundantly, and certainly when mental illness, emotional anguish, etc… are part of the picture.

  2. Great comment, Rick. I do think when a person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation that he covers all sin INCLUDING suicide and other mental illnesses. God is sovereign over all things and ultimately knows a person’s heart.

  3. Suicide is not the unpardonable sin and the scripture from 1 John doesn’t say that; it doesn’t even imply that. “John” was writing to a specific community in specific circumstances at a specific time in history. He was trying to keep his followers from leaving the community of faith and following after some dissenters with whom he had a pretty nasty disagreement, the exact nature of which is unclear. It was probably their disagreement with the teaching of what John considered the true Gospel of Christ, and that is most likely what he’s criticizing as the “sin that leads to death.” I wonder why people began thinking that it had something to do with suicide?
    Oh, and by the way, it’s probably not worth it to get into a debate with Perl and Tosh or whoever wrote that ridiculous post, though I do admire your courage in offering to go toe to toe with them. I have no doubt that you would acquit yourself well. However, they’re so deep into error that God himself will have to bring them out.
    Personally, I make it a rule never to trust anyone who signs off with “in much Christian love.” πŸ˜‰

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