Time's Person of the Year Mocks Time's Person of the Year

I admit – I bought the actual Time magazine issue and I can assure you that the reflection of Stengel’s face in the Mylar is photoshopped extremely well. Either that or I have a defective Mylar.

TIME editor

Now that I think about it… Stengel’s reflection has a big nose.

Selected 2006 Loser Person of the Year commentary:

2006 Person of the Year is Internet-addicted loser (The Spoof)

Time wussed out with a milquetoast pick” (The Bottom Line Blog)

Lamest, dopiest choices ever made by the magazine” (ShopFloor.org)

Recognizing Web 2.0 users is a fine choice (shumans.com)

Enjoy you in 2006 because you’ll be over in 2007 (USAToday/Kevin Maney)

Choice quote from USAToday Tech editor Kevin Maney’s blog:

“As the ultimate capper, Time magazine has anointed “you” as its Person of the Year in honor of user-generated stuff. This will probably stand the test of time as well as 1988’s pick, The Endangered Earth. That selection came with the prediction that the planet’s woes had “jumpstarted a new era of environmental activism.” And then the Hummer was born.

Interestingly, Time’s choice is getting mocked by bloggers — aka users. The magazine kind of shot itself in the foot. Managing Editor Rick Stengel wrote an explainer saying that he asked for public input about the Person of the Year. Suggestions flooded in for newsmakers such as Donald Rumsfeld, Al Gore and Sacha Baron Cohen. But apparently nobody suggested “you.” So in the end, Time asked us for our input like a good New Media do-bee, then played its Old Media power card and decided on its own choice — proving that users aren’t really that in charge, and thus probably not deserving of Person of the Year status.


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