Celebrity Sensitivity: Beyoncé Knowles

BeyoncéBeyonce has recently spoken out about her past “depression.” It was back in 2000, when two of her bandmates quit Destiny’s Child, sued her father for mismanagement, and to top it off, her boyfriend of 4-5 years broke up with her.

It annoys me when people go through a rough period and the media call it a “depression.” It is possible for someone to be down and discouraged during a rough period but to be depressed is clinical – it is ongoing for life. Beyonce was not depressed; she was going through a rough patch in her life that eventually smoothed out. She never needed psychiatric treatment, counseling or medication. She was fine then and she’s fine now.

I hate how the media is turning mental illness into the latest fashionable fallibility of celebrities.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Sensitivity: Beyoncé Knowles

  1. It’s fashionable because it excuses bad behavior.
    From the article:
    Knowles says her mom finally told her, “Why do you think a person wouldn’t love you? Don’t you know how smart and sweet and beautiful you are?”
    Knowles says after that she realized she had only two choices: give up or move on.
    Whooo boy! That sure sounds like depression to me. One talking to from mom snapped her out of it!
    If only it were that easy.

  2. “Whooo boy! That sure sounds like depression to me. One talking to from mom snapped her out of it! If only it were that easy.”
    Tell me about it. There are so many of us out there who have given up because “moving on” simply doesn’t present itself as a choice. I’m happy for her and yes, she was depressed, but to say it was “depression” is misleading and incorrect. Depression is a lifelong medical condition that people struggle with. Not a six-month then you snap out of it moment.
    Argh! But it’s fashionable to be depressed. It’s like, Hey! You can snap out of it too! That kind of attitude is why people are unwilling to seek treatment for clinical depression. They keep waiting and waiting to snap out of it, but they never do.

  3. I think awareness has been raised about the issue, but at the same time, the definition of depression has been muddied to the point where a bad week is depression and requires medication.

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