Parents dealing with a bipolar child

“Bipolar Disorder is a disease that causes severe mood swings in its victims affecting their ability to function. The highs and lows can be so severe and dramatic that it can destroy relationships, academic performance and the ability to hold a job. It carries an increased risk of alcohol and drug abuse as well as hypersexuality. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, due to the severe manic-depressive nature of the disease, bipolar disorder can sometimes lead to suicide.

Did you get all that? Because I’m still not sure that I have.

The good news is that bipolar disorder is treatable and people that suffer from it can lead normal and productive lives.” – Anonymous, The Huffington Post

Dawdy on Furious Seasons has linked to a post about a father grappling with his young daughter’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The story has made me come to terms with the fact that bipolar disorder is not something that suddenly “develops” out of nowhere, but is truly a lifelong condition. I see instances of myself in “Jennifer,” not as a child but in certain pieces of my life as a teenager and an adult. This piece is quite important, not just in terms of people dealing with bipolar disorder, but for parents who may have children struggling with such a condition. And as a parent, it’s good to know that you’re not alone.

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  1. J Addy said,

    August 15, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Please consider helping someone struggling with depression get back on their feet.

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