Originally written October 13, 2006

“I’d be inclined to be yours for the taking / And part of this terrible mess that you’re making /But me, I’m the catalyst”
~ Anna Nalick, “Catalyst”

Riding on the heels of self-positive affirmations, accepting compliments also is important.

You hear:

“My, you look gorgeous today!”

You reply:

“No, I don’t. This is a bad hair day.”

The challenge is to accept compliments as additional self-positive affirmations. Don’t shrug it off or even dismiss it. Accept a compliment with a kind “thank you” and meditate on that for the day as well.

Consider this: You have a treasure box you carry with you everywhere you go and as you give yourself a self-positive affirmations, you put it in your box each day. A compliment is an additional affirmation to add to that portable box. When the negative thoughs and lies come to do battle, you can pull out your arsenal of positives to do combat–and most likely win. Consider the treasure box your mind and store priceless items there.

This takes practice, and no, it isn’t easy to put into practice. But the only way to go into war prepared is to build up your arsenal. And the last battle you’d want to lose is the battle in your mind.

Today’s Mood: 3

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    July 21, 2010 at 7:55 am

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