Updating on the regular

"Back to life, back to reality…"

I’ve been away from the blog for quite some time. At least three weeks, I’m sure. I have handwritten blog entries but nothing that I’ve been able to put up on a computer. I was hospitalized for about 7-8 days and then underwent intensive outpatient therapy for another 2 weeks. I still suffer from depression and occasional anxiety attacks. As of the past four days, I’ve had frequent migraines. In all honesty, however, I think my migraines are much more hormone-related right now than anything else.

So over the next couple of days, I’ll be post "back" entries – entries which should have been published weeks ago but haven’t. Mood updates will reflect a scale of 0-10 (more to be explained in another post).

I’m feeling very disorganized, very out-of-touch and very lost. I’ve also self-diagnosed myself as having "avoidant personality disorder." This probably contributes to my depression on such a wide scale like I can’t even imagine.

So I can’t promise all-new, consistent updates. But I’ll try to have meaningful posts up here with my thoughts and feelings. That’s all this blog is anyway – a compilation of all my thoughts and feelings. If you’re lucky, you get a glimpse of it.


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