Too Much Stress?

I usually get rid of the newsletters from my credit union because I find they don’t provide me with anything particularly helpful. There was one article that I found so helpful, though, that I had to clip it. Here it is:

Stress can be brought on by a sudden or major change in your life, your job, too much to do, or unexpected events. Ask yourself what fators are causing you stress and how you are currently dealing with it.

Here are ways to help relieve stress:

  • Peforming physical activity or writing can release tension and emotions
  • Talking about your feelings with a confidant may get to the root of your stress
  • Laugh and cry it out so it doesn’t build up
  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Massage your neck and shoulder to help relax the muscles
  • Do yoga or meditation
  • Engaging in muisc or humor therapy can brighten your mood

Remember to try and remain healthy by eating and drinking sensibly in times of stress. Having a strong social support system, managing your time, having an activity to release stress, and altering your thinking will consistently help to reduce and relieve stress.

No life-shattering advice there, but the same things to relieve stress can also help alleviate mild to moderate depression.

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