I receive a daily devotional from Elisabeth Elliot, a famous missionary
whose husband, Jim, died while trying to minister to a tribe in South
America. Sometimes, I receive nuggets of wisdom too good to glance over
and must share. Here’s one.

God’s Secret Purpose
the enemy of our souls can do to instill doubt about the real purpose
of the Father of our souls, he will certainly try to do. "Hath God
said?" was his question to Eve, and she trusted him, the enemy, and
doubted God. Each time the suspicion arises that God is really "out to
get us," that He is bent on making us miserable or thwarting any good
we might seek, we are calling Him a liar. His secret purpose has been revealed to us, and it is to bring us finally, not to ruin, but to glory.
That is precisely what the Bible tells us: "His secret purpose framed
from the very beginning [is] to bring us to our full glory" (1 Cor 2:7

    In my mind, I’m always wondering whether what I’m doing is
right for me, but thoughts like the one above remind me that I often
need to "let go and let God" take care of my anxieties and worries.
Burdening myself with so much only exacerbates my depression.

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  1. This moved me to take a (very brief) look in my bible for the first time in weeks. However I’ve become disillusioned of late (again).
    That said I can’t shake my belief in God. I *know* it to be true.

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